Alien from L.A.

Title:Alien from L.A.
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :27:00
Genre:Adventure, Comedy
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Nerdy social misfit Wanda Saknussemm is devastated when her boyfriend dumps her because she lacks a sense of adventure. Then she has been informed that her father, an archaeologist, has disappeared on an expedition in North Africa. She goes in search of her missing father and, before long, finds herself in a bizarre underground world where crazy subterranean creatures think she is a secret agent and want her dead. Thwarting them at every turn, Wanda discovers an inner strength she never knew she had before her arrival. But once the denizens of the underground have their way, she will never find her father – or see the light of day in sunny Malibu – again. —MGM/UA Home Video

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Christine Kaufmann,

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William R. Moses, Deep Roy, Thom Mathews, Kathy Ireland,

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