[DE] Rettet Raffi!

Title:[DE] Rettet Raffi!
Release:2015 [GERMAN]
Language:ger 2.0
Runtime:1 :33:00
Genre:Action, Adventure
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Dr. Henry Wiese went to the Afghan front, his wife Helen, also MD, refused to follow and even threatened with divorce. Kid son Samuel ‘Sammi’ now clings completely to the hamster Raffi he received from dad. He even gets the vet to perform expensive surgery on the pet rodent, but on the way home it gets accidentally kidnapped by Rocky, a just paroled car thief. Caught in her own lies, Sammi’s mean sister Molly and her nice boyfriend Jochen must help search for Raffi, who wanders into adventures and a TV studio ‘show starring’ door-choosing hamsters, arousing enmity. —KGF Vissers

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Satoshi Tsumabuki,

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Claes Bang,

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