[IT] I Fidanzati

Title:[IT] I Fidanzati
Release:1963 [ITALIAN]
Language:Italian 2.0
Runtime:1 :17:00
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In the industrial North, Giovanni is a skilled factory worker offered a promotion if he’ll go to Sicily for 18 months to assist in a new department. His impending absence strains his already nearly wordless relationship with Liliana, his fiancée. They meet regularly at a dance hall and sometimes go riding on his motorcycle. We watch him arrive in Sicily, walk the town, live in a hotel, find lodgings, work, and participate in local events. It’s a solitary, melancholy life. In his mind’s eye he thinks about Liliana. He hasn’t been entirely faithful. There’s pain and detachment in her eyes. Across this distance, can anything bring about a breakthrough? Do they have a future?

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