That Certain Woman

Title:That Certain Woman
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :33:00
Genre:Drama, Romance
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Mary Donnell was married at sixteen to a gangster and soon widowed. She works for unhappily married lawyer Lloyd Rogers. A client’s son Jack elopes with her, but his father tracks them down and has the marriage annulled. Mary has a son. Unaware of this, the father remarries; his new wife is crippled in an auto accident. The lawyer, now dying, tells Mary he has left her money for her and her son, Rogers’ widow suspects her husband may have been the father. Jack’s ruthless father , upon learning that he is the grandparent of the child, threatens legal action to gain custody, but his son wants no part in separating little Jackie from his mother. Further, he reasserts his love for Mary and promises he will ask his now handicapped wife, Flip, for a divorce so that Jackie will have a real family. He instructs Mary to pack her belongings and get Jackie ready to leave so that the three can start a new life together. Before Jack has a chance to inform his now-handicapped wife, Flip, of these stunning developments, Flip pays an unexpected visit to Mary’s apartment. To Mary’s surprise, Flip makes a heartfelt, selfless plea for her to take Jack and make him happy as (in her words) she could no longer do. Mary is so struck by the offer and by Flip’s true love for Jack, that she not only decides to cancel her plans to reunite with Jack, but also to ask Jack to adopt Jackie and, along with Flip, give him a ‘proper’ life in society. Jack enters the apartment and, in a whispered chat with Mary, is prevented from telling Flip that he ever had any intention of leaving her. —Ed Stephan

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